Aldi Haul Plus Weekly Meal Plan and Prep!


Hey, friends!! Switching gears a little here because, hey, we all gotta eat and Aldi is the best place to save money doing it! I have been doing the free online and grocery pickup at WalMart for a while and really got spoiled with the convenience of it all, but I really believe that you get more for your money at Aldi and their produce is the The picture above is everything in my haul from there and cost me $105. I have compiled for you a weekly dinner meal plan and the cost breakdown. Also, at the end I will show you how I meal prep for my husband for the week! Hope you enjoy!


First up is the Chili…With the weather finally cooperating, I love to do soup during the week because it’s quick and easy, you can throw it in the crock pot and you’re done! I bought a 2lb pack of meat and will divide it out between two dinners. The spices are used in the recipe are probably ones that you already have but if not, they are super cheap at Aldi…recipe in next photo.
Chili                                          Grilled Cheese

Meat $4.08                               Bread $.85

Beans x4 $1.96                        Butter $2.85

V8 Juice $2.44                         Cheese $1.99

Chili Mix $.39

Total cost of Dinner: $14.56  **keep in my that you will use the bread for another meal, the butter can be used several other ways and you according to family size, you may have leftovers!** Still cheaper than eating out!!


I HATE onions so I leave them out of all of my recipes…sorry!!


Items for the grilled cheese! My hubby makes a mean grilled cheese with shredded cheese and this grass-fed Kerry-Gold butter is so good…and good for you!

Mandarin Orange Chicken with Organic White Rice and Broccoli

Chicken $5.29

Rice $2.59

Total cost of dinner $7.88

**I already had the broccoli, but if you buy it from Aldi, it is less than $2. I have also cooked this meal with canned green beans.**



Avocado Toast with Eggs and Bacon

This is one of my all-time favorite meals and who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner?! I do realize that not everyone is a fan of avocados so you can substitute with biscuits and gravy instead.

Avocados x2 $1.58

Bacon $3.49

Eggs $1.38

Bread $.85

Total Cost of Dinner: $7.30



Boneless BBQ Chicken Thighs, Mac & Cheese, Roasted Asparagus

All I do with this is pour the BBQ sauce over the thighs and either put them in the oven or crock pot. I roast the asparagus in the oven on 400 for 20-30 mins with kosher salt, lemon juice and minced garlic. (photo below)

Chicken Thighs $4.93

Shells & Cheese $1.09

Asparagus $2.99

BBQ Sauce $1.99

Total cost of dinner $11.00




Taco Soup just reminds me of Fall, and family get togethers and football Saturdays! It’s probably the easiest soup to put together so super cheap! Just cook and drain your hamburger meat, drain the corn and beans, then throw it all in the pot and add 3-4 cups of water. I add more salt to mine because I’m obsessed with salt but you add it to your liking. I like to eat my soup with sour cream, cheese and tortilla chips!

Taco Mix $.29                                                 Corn $.49

Rotel $.45                                                        Pintos $.89

Black Beans $.55                                          Dry Ranch Mix $.49

Tomato Sauce $.25                                       Meat $4.08

Total cost of dinner $7.49



You’re probably wondering why I only meal prep for my husband. I am very fortunate to work in a doctor’s office where we have lunch catered to us and my son Caden likes to eat lunch at school. I have seen the school’s menu and I trust that he is eating a proper diet and I send a snack, so that takes care of that. But, these items could easily be doubled for two people to take to work.meal3

Chicken Tenderloins in Teriyaki Sauce $7.67

Quinoa x2 $3.78

Fresh Green Beans (Roasted with the ingredients below) $1.69

Oatmeal cream pie as a desert $1.50

Containers from Dollar Tree 4 for $2

Lunch for the week including containers $16.64


Roasting ingredients for green beans and asparagus!


And, here is the finished meal prep. I only did 4 because he has a day off during the week and can take a break from eating the same thing.


I know this is a long post and you’re a gem if you’ve made it this far but I hope this helps with meal planning and saves you money on groceries!




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