Hey, y’all! I’m changing things up a little this week on the blog and talking about another hobby of mine…chalk painting! After all, this is a lifestyle blog and there are more things to life than fashion **GASP** HAHA!! Don’t hit the unfollow yet…

I started this little hobby of mine when I got a job in Birmingham and had to move fairly quickly, so we moved in with my great-grandmother for about a year. All of the furniture that I had was hand me downs and falling apart and I really didn’t have the money to furnish an entire condo so that’s when the idea came to me to just buy old furniture and make it look new! I started searching thrift stores, antique shops and Facebook Marketplace and found exactly what I wanted at super reasonable prices. Then, I just started researching “how to paint furniture” and asked my mom questions because she’s my go-to for home decor and learned a lot as I went through trial and error. So, I’m going to show you step-by-step what I do and the products I use so maybe the next piece of furniture you need, you can do the same! But, why chalk paint? Because it’s so easy to work with, forgiving and no fumes or runs like spray paint. It’s easy to clean off your brushes and yourself. It dries super quick and is so versatile. I normally only do furniture for myself because I will admit, it is time consuming, that’s why folks charge so much for their work but this particular piece, I am doing for my aunt and it’s the first I am actually getting paid to do. Let’s get started!


This time around, I am painting a two-tiered coffee table with very intricate detailing on the legs.



I have used a variety of colors and it doesn’t matter what color you get, you will need several coats of chalk paint for coverage so I would suggest getting extra paint. I use the Waverly Inspirations matte chalk paint from Walmart. I would suggest getting the 16oz because it will be cheaper, but in this case I had to get 5 of the 8oz because the color I needed wasn’t available in the 16oz.


Now, once you have finished painting with the chalk paint, you will need a top coat because chalk paint feels like…you guessed it…CHALK! It’s very rough to the touch and cannot be cleaned unless you put a smooth top coat on it. I use Miniwax Polycrylic in Clear Matte. If you want a shinier finish, you could get the Clear Gloss. This stuff is expensive but a little goes a long way.



IMG_0844 (1) Painting


You will need to clean your furniture really well with a damp cloth and let it air dry. Next, you can start sanding. With chalk paint, you don’t have to sand your furniture because of the coverage it gives but I ALWAYS do because it gives you a smooth even surface to work with.


I just did a rough sanding of the edges and top to get the shiny coating off and smooth things out. After this you can start with with your first of several coats of chalk paint.

Remember when I said I learned things through trial and error? One of the error parts was buying a cheap paint brush. Purdy paint brushes are the best that I have used. You can use the brushes and foam brushes on the sides and detailed parts, then use the foam rollers on the top for even coverage and a HUGE time saver!!


This was after one coat and as you can tell, it needs several more. Chalk paint does not take long to dry but try to avoid painting outside when its raining or if  there’s a lot of moisture in the air. I like to do an all-over coat at first, then do the detailing after that dries, then repeat.

I  ran into a small problem while painting this table and had some spots on the top that just wouldn’t cover! No matter how many coats I painted on, the dark places just would not go away. I had never had that happen, so I had to get a shellac based primer to cover the dark places. After a few coats of that was sprayed on, I rolled on a few more coats of chalk paint then it was ready for the distressing. FINALLY!! When distressing, there are no rules. Just run your sander or sandpaper along the edges and legs and that’s it! I normally don’t distress my pieces because I think they have a nice clean look non distressed but this turned out really well! After distressing, you will add ONE coat of polycrylic with a roller on the large areas and paint brush on the smaller ones. Let this dry over night, and you are DONE!! It seems like a lot, but a smaller piece could be finished in a few days.

Here is the finished product! Not gonna lie, glad to be done! HA!



Here are a few other pieces that I have chalked in the past. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! 









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