The Thrifty Blonde Takes on Beauty…kind of

OK, let me first tell you that I do not consider myself a beauty blogger! But, I do find myself on the makeup aisle in CVS, Walmart and Target quite a bit. I took a poll a little bit ago, and several of you were interested in seeing what beauty products I use so here we go! I will first say, that I have never been a fan of anything high end. I don’t see the point in paying a whole lot of money for someone’s name when you can basically get the same quality out of something else. I know this doesn’t apply to everything, but I just refuse to spend $20 on a tube of lipstick.


This photo is not edited at all, meaning no filter and was taken today. I do not wear foundation at all. I feel like it makes my face feel dirty and greasy. Also, I’m going to let you in on a little secret…I do not use a skin care line…never have. I use my trusty Clean & Clear face wash and have for years and that’s it! Most of the time, I sleep in my makeup because I’m too tired to take it off. Gross? Maybe? I’m almost 35 and my skin looks pretty good, so go get you some C&C I guess 🙂


NYX Butter Gloss-Creme Brulee

NYX Retractable Eyeliner Pencil

ELF Mascara

Wet N Wild Mega Volume Mascara

Wet n Wild Illumintaing Palette

Wet n Wild Eyeshadow Palette

Loreal True Match Powder

Wet N Wild Lip Gloss-Strawberry Ice

Wet n Wild Lipstick-Fushia w/Blue Pearl

First, I put on the Loreal True Match pressed powder. It has great coverage, less than $8 and lasts me about two months! Then I use the Illuminating Palette over that for just a little more color and highlight (this is a recent find for me and I’m obsessed!). Next, is my eyes. I tend to lean more towards shimmering pinks and purples but nothing too extremely bright. The Wet N Wild palette I found was perfect because it has the shimmery white for all over then light shades of purple. As far as eyeliners, I have used A LOT in my day and I love NYX! It goes on so smooth. I think brown eyeliner contrasts nicely with blue eyes so I’ve started using brown instead of my previous go-to which was “blackest-black.” I also switch up my mascaras between ELF and Wet N Wild to try new things out. I’m a huge fan of ELF and think I like it better! Lastly is lips…Honestly, I have about 20 tubes of lipstick in my purse, but I end up using hot pink in the end always. I like to use a lip gloss over it because I hate my lips to be dry and I like a little extra shine. I found this color combo to be perfect. The NYX Butter Gloss is also really pretty with just a lip liner if you want something subtle.
Thanks so much for reading ladies! XOXO, Lauren

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