Closet Staples from Ross!

First, let me start by saying that this post is not sponsored! I just love shopping at Ross and it’s really where the Thrifty Blonde all started! When my husband was in college, I worked as a cashier in a grocery store and made minimum wage so when I wanted to buy cute, trendy new clothes, Ross was the place I went. I love how they have clothes that are on trend but less than half the price, there’s something for everyone (even your pet) and I’ve decorated half of my house with their home decor items!

Last week, I went and bought five items, that are all staple pieces for Spring and Summer and can all be worn together to make multiple outfits. I spent $40 on everything, with the most expensive item being the skirt for $13.99. For the $40 I spent, I can get at least 6 outfits, just out of these 5 items, not to mention what all they will go with what I already have. The key is to buy versatile items, then throw in the fun, unique things every now and then.

What’s a staple piece, you may ask? To me it’s something that is a necessity to your closet and will go with multiple things. No, a bright yellow skirt may not be a necessity to your closet, but in the summer, it can be and can be worn with a graphic tee and sneakers or with wedges and one of these tanks or dressed up with an animal print top and block heels. A closet staple to you may be different to me. To save money, buy things that you know you can wear multiple ways.


The white and black tanks can be worn by themselves or under a cardigan or kimono and the button trend is really hot right now.

The yellow skirt is so bright and cheery for summer and the paper bag waist is very much on trend. All three tops can be worn with the skirt.

The green joggers are the softest pants I own! They can be dressed up or down, again with the paper bag waist and all three tops will go perfectly!

The little pink smocked blouse was only $4.99 on clearance! It goes great with the joggers but also the skirt and will pair perfectly with some denim shorts. I see myself wearing this all summer long! Plus floral is huge right now and also can be worn into the fall under a cardigan.

Thrifty Tip: Try and buy pieces that you can style different ways and wear with different things to make your closet and dollar stretch.

XOXO, Lauren


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