This one if for all the mamas out there…especially the ones who would rather hear nails on a chalkboard than go shopping with their kids! HAHA! I’m only kidding…sort of. Seriously though, I’m not a huge fan of “subscription boxes” or ones that I have to commit to. Another thing I’m not a fan of, is spending a lot of money on clothes, especially for my son, because he grows out of stuff so quickly! If this is you, then keep reading. I even have a code for a little $$ you can save!

I recently discovered Kids on 45th which is a company that sells new and pre-owed kids clothes for cheap! Sizes range from newborn to 14/16 and it’s delivered to your door.


  • Go to and create an account by giving your kid’s size and style in about 2 minutes.
  • Tell them your kid’s style and build your own box or let the stylist build you a “suprise box.” Like I said, no subscription needed, but available.
  • The stylist will shop especially for your kiddo with no styling fees…EVER!
  • If you aren’t happy with an item, it’s just two taps on your phone, and you will be credited for it.
  • Your box will be delivered right to your door!

My box includes 2 sweatshirts for $15.98, 2 long sleeve shirts for $5.98, 1 Fall jacket for $14.99, 1 pair of jeans for $5.99, 1 pair of athletic pants for $9.99, and another pair for $4.99 with a grand total of $57.92! That’s a lot of clothes for very little money. 




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