February Goals/Book Review


I just finished reading “Girl, Wash Your Face” and let me tell you, if you have not read it, get on that! Rachel Hollis is completely amazing at motivating you to get up and get yourself together! I was inspired to write this post because to be completely honest with you, I’m not sticking to my New Year’s Resolutions as well as I thought I would because I’m just feeling very overwhelmed at the moment and I had way too high expectations of myself. January 19th was my son’s birthday so that means that three weeks after Christmas I have a birthday party to plan and pay for. This weekend will be his party and maybe after that I can relax (fingers crossed) for two seconds, maybe! Another thing Rachel speaks a lot about in her book is goal setting. She sets some major goals for herself but for now in my life, I will set monthly goals that are attainable each month.

Here are the goals I’m setting for myself for February and I’ll keep them short and sweet. Afterall, it’s the shortest month of the year! 🙂

  1. Read “The Simplified Life” By Emily Ley. I love sitting down with a self help book and I’ve heard this is a really good one for getting organized.
  2. Save $200 towards summer vacation.
  3. Do a daily devotion EVERY morning for the entire month.

This has nothing to do with goals but everything to do with me as a blogger, creator writer, whatever you want to call my little space on the internet. If you are a blogger or content creator, LISTEN UP! We create because we believe that God has given us the ability to do so and we are we are so blessed to be given the platform for that. We create even when people don’t like it because we like it and it’s what we do. Someone else’s opinion of me is none of my business! That resonates with me still after reading the book. She says these words are never more profound than when we are creating something. I truly believe that. Staying true to my own style and self is so important to me because honestly when I try to pose like someone else or recreate someone else’s photo, it sucks. Why? Because that’s not me!

She also writes a few chapters about the lie she told herself about being a bad mom and her children not being the most behaved, well spoken, etc. This spoke to me because being a working mom it’s hard and you wonder if you are giving your child the most care and attention they need. I would love more than anything to be a stay-at-home mom. That’s just not possible right now and I worked hard to work nights and go to school for the job I have now and I’m proud of that.  I have to pray and trust and know that my husband and I are teaching him at home the valuable lessons that will carry him through life and make the absolute most out of our weekends! All us mamas are doing our best, working or staying at home!

But, really y’all, this book is amazing. The chapters are short and it takes no time to read. I’ve had the book since last year but just now got around to reading it (see, this is why I have to set goals). You will laugh, you will cry and then you will want to start training for a half marathon! HAHA!!



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