Things That Make Me Happy!


With Valentine’s Day approaching, I’m sure you are being flooded with posts about “what to wear” or “what to buy your partner” so I’m going a different route. With a day that is devoted to love and happiness, it has inspired me to list things that make me happy! I thought it would be fun, maybe you could do the same!

  1. My sweet hubby who loves me no matter what!
  2. Christmas
  3. Sundays
  4. The beach
  5. Clearance racks
  6. Taco Bell
  7. My Family
  8. Sneakers
  9. Planners
  10. Sushi
  11. Blogging/Creating
  12. Free Shipping
  13. Helping others
  14. Peppermint Tea
  15. Coffee Mugs
  16. A Good Book
  17. Netflix (mainly for Gossip Girl and Grey’s Anatomy)
  18. Sunny Days by the Pool
  19. Yellow Flowers
  20. When All of My Laundry is Done
  21. A Clean House
  22. Lazy Days
  23. Seeing others succeed
  24. New Makeup
  25. Fingernail Polish
  26. When Caden does things the first time I ask
  27. When I finish a project
  28. Shopping, OBVI
  29. The Scent of Sun-Washed Citrus
  30. Quiet Time in the Morning before Everyone Wakes Up
  31. Andes Mints…ya know, the kind you get after your meal at Olive Garden
  32. Weekend Getaways
  33. Target Dollar Spot
  34. When I meal plan and actually stick to it!
  35. British TV series
  36. Dinner with a View
  37. Church with my Family
  38. My Spanx Faux Leather Leggings
  39. Leaving Work for the Day
  40. Pumpkin Spice

SO, what do you think?! Do any of these sound HAPPY to you? I encourage you to sit down, especially if you are feeling down and make a list of all of the things that make you happy. Happy Valentine’s Day sweet friends!




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