Tips on Posing/Photo Tips

When starting a blog or Instagram account as an influencer, taking the photos can feel as if it’s the most awkward part and the most time consuming…but it really doesn’t have to be. I don’t call myself a pro at by any means and I’m certainly not a model but after being in front of the camera for my Insta pics for over a year I feel a little more relaxed. I made a list of a few tips I feel may help you on your next shoot.

  1. First, lets talk about LIGHTING. I take all of my photos with my iPhone 11 and I feel like I get the best outcomes when I take photos in the shade vs full out sun. Early morning or late even is also a really good time to take photos but I’m not usually available either of those times so I just have to find a nice shady spot. You want the sun to your back for best results!
  2. It’s also good to invest in a tripod with a lighting ring and blue tooth remote. Total game changer! You don’t have to wait on anyone to take your photo. Mine was around $75 on Amazon. Link here TRIPOD
  3. Don’t worry about what people on the street are thinking! Believe me, you aren’t the first person they’ve seen posing for a photo and you aren’t the last. I know this will take time and honestly this bothers my husband now more than it bothers me. Start out to going places that are less crowded. The longer you do it, the more confidence you will gain.
  4. When posing, have fun with it! Keep moving every 2-3 seconds while shooting! Most of the time, the  shots where you’re not even trying end up being the best ones.
  5. Relax your body. Steer away from robotic looking poses and try different camera angles.
  6.  WHERE DO I PUT MY HANDS? Use a prop. I’m really bad about this, meaning I always forget to bring one, but flowers are always a good addition or a cute bag…get creative. Put them in your pocket, touch your hair (not too much), hold them in the air!
  7.  Look at the camera! My husband tells me this all the time when he’s taking my picture. I always tend to look away or look down but your audience want to see your eyes and your smile too! Connect with them that way.
  8. Always point your toes, especially my fellow petite gals! It helps elongates those legs!


9. When I’m shooting swimwear or anything that shows my midsection, I always place my arm in front. It’s really your personal preferance, but take time to learn your best angles. Practice in the mirror! I know that sounds weird, but it helps!

10. You don’t have to travel all over to get photos! I went downtown one day and got content for 3 days taking these photos within 20 feet of each other.

CONFIDENCE IS KEY!! Whether  you are taking a mirror selfie or a full blown photo shoot on location, you need to own it! Thanks for stopping by and I hope this helps!


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